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As a member you’ll be able to access these newsletters and receive the latest issue in your in-box. Below is a list of topics covered in recent 2016 newsletters.

  • Medicare Advantage Caveat: An explanation of the potential downsides of a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • How Valuable is that HSA?: How to move forward when Medicare and your client’s HSA collide.
  • Coordinated Care: How Obamacare is incentivizing doctors to coordinate care inside and outside of the doctor’s office.
  • Creditable Drug Coverage: The ins-and-outs of delaying Medicare Part D coverage while avoiding late-enrollment penalties.
  • Turning 65: A discussion of the sorts of Medicare decisions that need to take place when a client turns 65.
  • Medicare Confusion: A warning against the bad information your clients may be getting about Medicare from administrators and employers, and what to do when your clients get bad advice.
  • Surprise Medical Bills: Your clients won’t always know a service isn’t covered when they accept it. Here’s how you help clients avoid situations like this.